Brent Emerson Charlotte North Carolina on How to Look Fashionable in Long Skirts for Petite Women

With the long skirts in fashion most of the women who are short in height find it quite puzzling so as to how to look fashionable in the long skirts. Well, fortunately, there are many solutions out there that can make you look great on long skirts. So, if you are a short heighten woman trying to work out all the mysteries that long skirts bring, and then follow the below-mentioned points:

Printed skirts are a lot of enjoyment and a perfect way to add some attention to a graphic tee outfit, but you want to be choosy when selecting the print. Prints naturally break up your body’s proportions, but this is particularly true with large or horizontal, choppy patterns. There are two options to select from when it comes to prints in long skirts: omit them altogether or know the prints that work for your border. Patterns that have a small print is consistent and evenly spread throughout the skirt.

Most skirts come with an optional belt, but choose a thin rope belt in a tan shade and a thin black belt as this will make you look fashionable. These two belts are universally flattering and the thin width would not create an off-putting division in your outfit. Wear the belt at the smallest part of your waist, as some dresses will have the belt resting too low or high. A belt that sits too high will make you look wider than you are, and one that sits too low will make your legs shorter.

Brent Emerson Charlotte North Carolina further states that when you are short and shopping for longer skirts, it is significant to make sure the hem hits you at the correct length. For long skirts, this is not terribly difficult as you just have to find one that does not drag on the floor when your shoes are on. With small skirts, you need a skirt that falls a bit above mid-calf. As a petite girl, this typically necessitates additional work as skirts are not designed to fit the frame unless shopping in the petite section. If you purchase a midi skirt get it tailored or hem it so the hemline is a few inches higher than its original length. The midi skirt should be 2-3 inches below your knee. If it falls in the uncomfortable point between midi and maxi length, the proportions will be off and cut down your legs.

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